Monday, May 14, 2012

What A Crazy Day

Okay guys, I'll tell you about my day today :3

It all started this morning when I wake up------skip that

At school my mood was really really REALLY bad as hell, I don't know if I'm happy or sad or angry or just....moody

So today we had a ceremony and Oca (a cat in my school that I love) was there ._. I salute you cat :3 And then I proceed to class.


And then I was late for class...and I'm so scared to go in so I skipped it ._. And then thank the lords I was saved by an angel....well not an angel actually, just my friend ._. but I was really hoping for someone from my class to come to the toilet....God heard my prayers :| 

Okay so after that more recess...and I feel like I'm forever alone ._. Everyone doesn't love me

So I was moody again until the bell rings

And the *ccccceeeeeeeeennnnnssssssssssssssssssoooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr* so I cried in class.

And everyone was shocked, because I'm the last person to even cry in class .__. But I'm actually a cry baby despite my scary psychopath(that's what they said) look :3 I cry when I'm hit in the mental part, I R FRAGILE :v

So everyone tried to comfort me but I couldn't even say 1 word except huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

okay stop that, I don't cry like that -___-

So in the end I just play happy go lucky and just try to forget that incident ._.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Promoting like a boss! (well, not really .-.part uno)

Okay so definitely I R GOING TO PROMOTE SUMTHIN' HERE :v

First of is PewDiePie :D



And my second favorite walkthrougher always :3

He's just so funny and his british/american accent is just so cool and i love OJ because of him~ But yet again Snake is in Holland :v

And one of Snake's buddy, Vash :3

he's pretty awesome, not bad of a walkthrougher :v And no, I think he is not somewhere else I think

(no photo of Vash :v)

And the king of all minecraft, BlueXephos!

Lewis and Simon are funny and awesome :D They should be comedians or something XD

from left
Simon, Lane, and HoneyDew


Sayonara :3

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Haven't made a new post lately :/

This is TheShadowFallen again(no duh) and yeah, just a quick update about my blog. 

Yeah, as you can see I (finally) made a playlist of a few songs(videos) that I like ^^

And I also wanna tell you about a problem :/ no nothing serious, I just wanna ask why do I feel flawed with my own drawing, but when I see other drawings that isn't really as good as mine I feel...that it's much better than mine? Is that a normal thing to experience? Please help me to conquer this...fear? ._. m(_ _)m 

This is TheShadowFallen signing off, peace ^^v

Uhh..I mean


Pic of the day ^^

Friday, March 16, 2012

Some Websites Just Want To Watch The Whole World Burn

This is TheShadowFallen once again posting....
On the day 9gag changed forever T_T

This is the day...when every 9gager is depressed and unsatisfied. When our souls are returned and we are now walking among the real world...again....

9GAG, why did you do it? WHY? 

Why you must COMBINE the TRENDING and the VOTE page!



Goodbye more infinite scrolling ftw

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hiding Guilt

It's TheShadowFallen yet again ^_^

I'm gonna little about guilt and such :/ Yea ran into trouble again, but it's okay ^_^ I'll use this chance as an experience for me to build more courage and understanding about 'emotion'. I'm not gonna say that I use a certain someone's emotion for my own benefit, but it's something like that ehehe

To tell you the truth it made me a little empty inside...I don't consider this certain someone as my best friend, but a bond is something we share, I'm glad for him to accept for the real me...The 'crazy' me to be MORE exact. But just this little simple problem made him angry, an identity is not important in a friendship group anyways...lots of people already posted this, and I want people to know this guy and that guy, the group that's for the members to tell each other's secret...but I feel like he really cares about his face -__- really, you really care about it -__- Like seriously dude, who cares what you look, we're all still friends, you're the one to blame to start a flame war, not me, I'm just doing the pleasure to introduce you to the members, your face! People can easily saw mine, and it's no problem 3-( but behind those words is a sorry that's deep, another guilt that I have to be burdened with, the more the merrier i guess? I don't know my own feelings anymore...well, that's how I gotta live with i guess :/

So this is it, sayonara....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photoshop CS4?

Photoshop is a very known software for processing pictures and such. Photoshop can be used for many things like editing photos, graphic designs, and making illustrations and graphic stuff. Apart from that, photoshop is used by laboratory forensicdocters and scientific research institutes for cracking cases.

And now for the noobs, HOW TO OPEN THE PROGRAM

  • You click the start button on the left bottom side(you can figure it out! i know you can! you n00b XD) 
  • Click on the photoshop CS4
  • And ur done :D

Now you're probably going to end up with something like this....a bit -__-

without the picture and stuff ~__~

and let's talk about the panels and bars(?)

  • Tools Panel
    a panel with tools to 'manipulate' photos
  • Option bar
    you can set MANY settings for the tool ur using. The option bar changes if you use a different tool! WHAT SORCERY IS THIS D:
  • Application bar
    -cue LoZ get *name of item here*- ba da da daaa~ CONGRATULATION! You acquire a task bar upgrade! And it's called APPLICATION BAR! 8D So this thing here can find tools to set the display  and such. And this thing can also ZOOM and PAN!
  • Tabbed window document
    So basically, you don't use the floaty floaty tab anymore, but you still can use it though. The tabs are now aligned like a tab on the internet ^_^
  • MANY panels
    panels filled with many commands/tools to 'manipulate' photos ^_^
  • Workspace menu
    through this menu, you can pick a workspace that fit ur needs ^_^

Now before we start talking about other stuff, let's learn about digital imaging!

photoshop-ing revolves around DIGITAL  IMAGING. And DIGITAL IMAGING is like minecraft ^_^ all the square blocks, or in this case pixels and such! And PIXELS is a short term for Picture Element :D and HOW MUCH pixels are there in a pic is determined by the resolution =w= and it's usually counted by dpi as in dot per inch, and as they say 'THE MOAR THE MERRIER' the more pixels are in a pic, the better the quality ^_^ Nowadays, there is so much format for images like JPEG and such :/ yea so much, like Pokemons

well, not really THAT much...but still....

OKAY, now it's time to learn about....OPENING PICTURES!!!! Let me put it simple because i love my fingers =w= le file > le open > le choose pic > le open =w= see? it's easy! yes? now, if you wanna learn how to change the display of the 'tabbed windows' you can always change it back to the floaty floaty dwarf--i mean floaty floaty mode like this! le menu windows > le arrange > le all in windows :D

 now if you feel comfortable with the new tabbed windows thingy, you can change it back by doing this! le menu windows > le arrange > le consolidate all to tabs

Well that's probably the basics of photoshop


sayonara~ =w= until we meet again in the afterlife---i mean next post ^_^

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another PewDie fan art ^^

Hello bros! I'll probably post this on later on ^^ i hope you bros like it ^^ 

SO let me explain about this fine art of mine ^^ first of is Stephano....nothing much to say about him, except his creepy smile XD okay, now about PewDie, basically I was going to draw America(from hetalia) but i had another idea! so I combine it both! well, not exactly, i want the furry part of America's jacket =w=

well I don't want to look like it exactly so I gave PewDie's jacket a little eskimo theme and a brofist badge on his right arm and his real name "Felix" on his left about Piggeh....well I wanted to draw a 'human' version of Piggeh....i was confused about what would the hair look like and what not....and I remembered Pharos from Persona 3 and i kinda copied his style except the hair is kinda a mess and pig ears

So then I thought about stuff like...what is Piggeh's purpose to be put in amnesia? Is he a prisoner like the teleporting naked guys or the bros? or as a side dish for the inhabitant of amnesia? anywho, piggeh is somewhat part of the amnesia world that makes amnesia world....feel like amnesia world(???) so because of that I kinda added the collar. and you bros know that Piggeh is kinda...rotten and bloody and stuff so I added a few holes on his clothes and the bloody mouth ^^ and besides~ Piggeh's not a pig! Piggeh's a snake! XD well that's what i wanna say today so...


Monday, March 5, 2012

Photoshop Homework Thingy

Man I never posted any of my homework (O.O) so here it is teacher, sorry to keep u waitin'

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I neva posted my own drawings! 8D

So, the tittle says it all! I'm gonna post a fanart of PewDie I made myself so....enjoy ^^

sorry for the crappy camera -__-